As the internet has evolved and influenced so much the social aspect of every human being, it has allowed everyone to connect, regardless of geographic location. With today’s exciting world, the internet is playing a crucial role in allowing businesses to be more diverse and unique in so many ways.

In the Philippines where the majority is wired, there is a demand to provide a service wherein you can find anything; may it be a product or a service; as long as it can physically be found in the Philippines; you can find everything in one place. It doesn’t matter, if you are an old school business man or a young professional trying to beat the rate race, or an ordinary chap trying to search something, these online ventures are for them.


Lista.ph is a new free online service for Cebuanos, sellers, buyers, realtors, and service providers who are looking for an online marketplace. It provides a localized, advanced, neatly-categorized online ad service. Unlike any other websites that sprung out in recent time, Lista.ph differentiates itself by offering an uncluttered, intuitive, user interface for free.


We aim to provide a well-designed online portal where users can find not just online services but also products and services which were previously traded traditionally.


Now there's a better way to find anything and everything in Cebu, on the web. Welcome to Lista.ph!